New Features

  • Chartable modules: If you see a sudden drop or an increase in your cloud costs, you can now really easily find out exactly what caused it. Users are now able to 'flip' each Analyze page module (accounts, deployments, instance types, On-demand vs RI vs spot etc), and see exactly what caused the drop/increase.

    The modules use the same date range that you have selected on the Analyze page, as well as the same granularity selected in the top chart. This makes it very easy to see what caused specific increases and drops. In order to change the module's data from Costs to Instance Count, use that module's sorting order:

    Chartable Modules on Analyze Page

  • Submit support tickets from Optima: We have integrated Optima and our support system. A user can submit a support ticket directly from the product. In order to see this, click on your user's name on the top right hand corner of the page, and select 'Contact Support'.

    Support modal