Cost dimensions allow you to slice and dice your cost information to provide insights on spend and potential savings. This page describes the RightScale-generated cost dimensions, but there are also bill-based dimensions and custom dimensions.

RightScale-generated dimensions are created by the RightScale platform, combining data from across providers into a standardized form. Today there is really only one such dimension, covered below.


The Category dimension in Optima is generated by the RightScale platform based off of data in each cloud. RightScale evaluates each line item in the bill and applies a set of rules to place each line item in a given high-level category. The set of category values are as follows: Admin, AI, App-Service, Applications, Compute, Database, IOT, MachineLearning, Marketplace, Network, Other, RI/CUD, Storage, Streaming, Support

To determine which category a given cost falls into, a set of prioritized rules are applied to each cost. The rules use various data elements from each provider to divvy up the cost. The following sections detail the rules that are used for each cloud provider.

Amazon Web Services

Data for AWS is sourced from the cost and usage report CSV from AWS. The source columns below are the column names that correlate to data in those billing files.

Rule Priority Category lineItem/ProductCode product/productFamily
1 Storage AmazonS3
2 Storage AmazonGlacier
3 Storage AWS Import/Export
4 Storage Storage Snapshot
5 Storage Storage
6 Network AmazonCloudFront
7 Network AWSDataTransfer
8 Network AmazonRoute53
9 Network AmazonVPC
10 Network Data Transfer
11 RI/CUD Reserved Instance Purchase
12 Compute AmazonEC2
13 Compute AWSLambda
14 Compute ElasticMapReduce
15 Database AmazonRDS
16 Database AmazonSimpleDB
17 Database AmazonDynamoDB
18 Database AmazonRedshift
19 Database AmazonElasticache
20 Database AWSDatabaseMigrationSvc
21 Streaming AmazonKinesis
22 Streaming AWSQueueService
23 Streaming AmazonSWF
24 Streaming AmazonSNS
25 Streaming datapipeline
26 Applications AmazonQuickSight
27 Admin AWSConfig
28 Admin AmazonCloudWatch
29 Admin AWSCloudTrail
30 Admin AWSXRay
31 Admin AmazonECR
32 Admin awskms
33 Other


Data for Google Cloud Platform is sourced from the BigQuery billing export from GCP. The source columns below are the column names that correlate to the fields in BigQuery.

Rule Priority Category service.description sku.description
1 RI/CUD Commitment*
2 Storage Cloud Storage
3 Network Cloud CDN
4 Network Cloud DNS
5 Compute Container Builder
6 Compute Container Engine
7 Compute Cloud Dataflow
8 Compute App Engine
9 Compute Cloud Functions
10 Compute Compute Engine
11 Database BigQuery
12 Database Cloud Bigtable
13 Database Cloud Spanner
14 Database Cloud SQL
15 Database Firebase Database
16 Database Firebase Hosting
17 MachineLearning Cloud Machine Learning Engine
18 MachineLearning Cloud Natural Language API
19 MachineLearning Cloud Speech API
20 Applications Cloud Pub/Sub
21 Admin Cloud Key Management Service (KMS)
22 Admin Stackdriver
23 Support Support
24 Other

Microsoft Azure

Data for Microsoft Azure is sourced from the Enterprise billing Usage Details API. The source columns below are the fields from that API response. Reference information for all fields from the Azure billing API can be found here.

Rule Priority Category consumedService MeterSubCategory -or- MeterCategory
1 RI/CUD Microsoft.Reservation
2 Marketplace Microsoft.Marketplace
3 Network Networking
4 App-Service Azure App Service
5 App-Service Azure App Service - Standard
6 Database Azure Redis Cache
7 Network Instance IP Address
8 Network Load balanced IP Address
9 Other Microsoft.1
10 Admin Microsoft.AAD
11 Admin Microsoft.AADDomainServices
12 App-Service Microsoft.AnalysisServices
13 App-Service Microsoft.ApiManagement
14 App-Service Microsoft.Automation
15 Database Microsoft.Cache
16 Network Microsoft.Cdn
17 Admin Microsoft.CertificateRegistration
18 Other Microsoft.Citrix.Services
19 AI Microsoft.CognitiveServices
20 Compute Microsoft.Compute
21 Database Microsoft.DBforMySQL
22 App-Service Microsoft.DataFactory
23 Database Microsoft.DataLakeStore
24 Database Microsoft.Database
25 IOT Microsoft.Devices
26 Database Microsoft.DocumentDB
27 Network Microsoft.DomainRegistration
28 App-Service Microsoft.HDInsight
29 Admin Microsoft.KeyVault
30 AI Microsoft.MachineLearning
31 Network Microsoft.Network
32 App-Service Microsoft.NotificationHubs
33 Database Microsoft.PowerBI
34 App-Service Microsoft.RecoveryServices
35 App-Service Microsoft.Scheduler
36 App-Service Microsoft.Search
37 App-Service Microsoft.ServiceBus
38 Database Microsoft.Sql
39 Storage Microsoft.Storage
40 App-Service Microsoft.StreamAnalytics
41 App-Service Microsoft.VisualStudioOnline
42 App-Service Microsoft.Web
43 App-Service Operational Insights
44 Database Premium Redis Cache
45 App-Service Stream Analytics
46 Network Virtual Network
47 App-Service microsoft.automation
48 App-Service microsoft.backup
49 Database microsoft.documentdb
50 App-Service microsoft.insights
51 App-Service microsoft.media
52 App-Service microsoft.operationalinsights
53 App-Service microsoft.security
54 App-Service microsoft.siterecovery
55 Storage microsoft.storsimple
56 App-Service microsoft.web
57 Other