Flexera allows for flexible bill adjustments based on customizable rules, for Optima has the ability define adjustments by a variety of dimensions. Different markup/markdowns can be assigned to:

  • Vendor
  • Billing center
  • Region
  • Service
  • Resource type
  • Line item type

Viewing Applied Bill Adjustments

There are various ways to see applied bill data adjustments in Optima.

Adjustments Interface

To view adjustments, you must (1) have bill adjustments in place and (2) have the enterprise_manager role. For assistance with your bill adjustments, or to apply new adjustments, please contact your account management team or cost optimization service representative.


Tabular View

To view applied bill adjustments in tabular view:

  1. After logging into Optima, navigate to the Billing tab
  2. Click on the Tabular View tab
  3. To select your Adjustment dimension, click on the + next to the Group by: header. Available Adjustment dimensions include:
    • Adjustment Cost Multiplier
    • Adjustment Rule Name
    • Adjustment Rule Label
    • Adjustment Usage Multiplier


Editing Existing Adjustments

Existing bill data adjustments can be edited within the Optima UI via the Adjustments interface, by percentage. To edit adjustments, you must have the enterprise_manager role.


Bill Adjustment Visibility

Adjustments can either be visible or not depending on preference.

Supported Use Cases

Currency Conversion


Line Item Elimination

i.e. fees and/or taxes

Pricing Adjustment