Flexera allows for flexible bill adjustments based on customizable rules, with Optima having the ability define adjustments by a variety of dimensions. Different markup/markdowns can be assigned to:

  • Vendor
  • Billing center
  • Region
  • Service
  • Resource type
  • Line item type

Viewing Applied Bill Adjustments

To view applied bill adjustments:

  1. After logging into Optima, navigate to the Billing tab
  2. Click on the Tabular View tab
  3. To select your Adjustment dimension, click on the + next to the Group by: header. Available Adjustment dimensions include:
    • Adjustment Cost Multiplier
    • Adjustment Rule Name
    • Adjustment Rule Label
    • Adjustment Usage Multiplier


Bill Adjustment Visibility

Adjustments can either be visible or not depending on preference.

Supported Use Cases

Currency Conversion


Line Item Elimination

i.e. fees and/or taxes

Pricing Adjustment