Common Bill Ingestion (CBI) is a feature in Optima allowing the ingestion of virtually any kind of time-series billing data into Optima. Multiple use-cases might warrant connecting CBI bills to Optima, such as custom cloud or plugin costs, internal/private cloud billing data, or public clouds not natively supported in Optima.

For more details on CBI, please refer to the Common Bill Ingestion documention.


In order to ingest custom billing data to Optima, please refer to the CBI Setup Flow intructions. These instructions will provide an overview for how to create a CBI Bill Connect and upload it to Optima.

Required Information

In order to create a CBI Bill Connect via the Optima Bill Connect API, you will need the following information:

Parameter Value Note
cbi_integration_id cbi-oi-optima The integration ID indicating which integration to use to process the CBI bill. Must be cbi-oi-optima for a bill in the CBI Default CSV format.
cbi_bill_identifier --anything-- A unique identifier within your Flexera Org for this particular bill, e.g. custombill-1.
cbi_name --anything-- A human-readable description of the bill connect, e.g. My Custom Bill 1.
cbi_params {optima_display_name: --anything--} A JSON object indicating the desired name to display in Optima for this bill connect.

Submit the Information

Follow the CBI Setup Flow to submit the above information to Optima.