Optima integrates with Alibaba Cloud by ingesting billing data exported to an Object Storage Service bucket via the SubscribeBillToOSS API call. Once ingested into Optima, the data is made available for pre-built and ad-hoc analyses alongside other public, private, and custom billing data.

To gather cost and usage information from Alibaba, certain configuration steps must be performed with specific data and credentials being shared with Optima. This is currently a manual process assisted by Flexera, with an automated onboarding flow to follow in the future. Please contact your Flexera account manager for more details on setting up an Alibaba Cloud Bill Connect in Optima.


  1. Create a Bill Connect.
    curl --header Content-Type: application/json --header Authorization: Bearer <BEARER TOKEN> --header Api-Version: 1.0 --request POST --data '{ cbi_bill_identifier: 1, cbi_integration_id: cbi-oi-alibaba, cbi_name: Alibaba, cbi_params: { optima_display_name: Alibaba International, vendor_name: Alibaba } }' https://onboarding.rightscale.com/api/onboarding/orgs/< ORG_ID >/bill_connects/cbi
    $HEADERS = @{
    Authorization= Bearer <BEARER TOKEN>;
    Content-Type= application/json;
    Api-Version= 1.0;
    $BODY = @{
    cbi_bill_identifier= 1;
    cbi_integration_id= cbi-oi-alibaba;
    cbi_name= Alibaba;
    cbi_params= @{ 
        optima_display_name= Alibaba International;
        vendor_name= Alibaba;
    } | ConvertTo-Json -Depth 10
    Invoke-RestMethod -Uri https://onboarding.rightscale.com/api/onboarding/orgs/< ORG_ID >/bill_connects/cbi -Headers $HEADERS -Method Post -Body $BODY
  • Configure Alibaba Function to upload files to CBI. Example.

Additional Info

If you have any questions or would like assistance, please join our community at community.flexera.com or email us at support@flexera.com.