RightScale Optima enables you to analyze, report, forecast and optimize costs across all of your clouds and cloud accounts. With Optima you can:

  • Get visibility into costs across all your clouds
  • Analyze costs by a variety of factors, including cloud provider, account, regions, data centers, applications, users, tags, and time periods.
  • Get scheduled reports on cloud spend delivered to your email inbox.
  • Specify markups and markdowns (discounts) on cloud prices.
  • Create and export reports for chargeback and showback.
  • Forecast and budget for cloud costs by application, team, user, cloud, or other factors.
  • Set alerts when budgets are exceeded or projected to be exceeded.
  • Plan for and manage Reserved Instances
Configuring your accounts
  • Follow the steps in our bill connect guide to connect your cloud billing data to Optima.

Allocating cloud costs to your teams

Analyzing cloud cost information
  • Optima contains many common controls that apply to many areas of the product
  • The Dashboard page provides a summary of all cost data to which you have access
  • The Tabular View within billing centers provides a pivot-table capability to break down your spend across categories
  • Custom dashboards provide you the ability to customize the data and layout of cost information within a billing center