RightScale Optima enables you to analyze, report, forecast and optimize costs across all of your clouds and cloud accounts. With Optima you can:

  • Get visibility into costs across all your clouds
  • Analyze costs by a variety of factors, including cloud provider, account, regions, data centers, applications, users, tags, and time periods.
  • Get scheduled reports on cloud spend delivered to your email inbox.
  • Specify markups and markdowns (discounts) on cloud prices.
  • Create and export reports for chargeback and showback.
  • Forecast and budget for cloud costs by application, team, user, cloud, or other factors.
  • Set alerts when budgets are exceeded or projected to be exceeded.
  • Plan for and manage Reserved Instances
Configuring your accounts

Optima uses two primary data sources for helping you manage costs:

  • Bill data - Bill information is collected from your public cloud provider to enable an accurate view of all of your costs across your accounts and services
  • Usage data - Usage data is collected from RightScale Cloud Management to provide additional detail for slicing and dicing costs across many different dimensions

Billing data

Usage data

Allocating cloud costs to your teams

Analyzing cloud cost information
  • Optima contains many common controls that apply to many areas of the product
  • The Dashboard page provides a summary of all cost data to which you have access
  • The Tabular View within billing centers provides a pivot-table capability to break down your spend across categories
  • Custom dashboards provide you the ability to customize the data and layout of cost information within a billing center