RackSpace Private is RackSpace's private cloud offering powered by OpenStack.

NOTE: Since RackSpace Private Cloud is powered by OpenStack, check out our OpenStack documentation as well.


Feature Rackspace Private
Instances X
Images X
Instance Types X
Datacenter/Zones Ø
IP Addresses X
Subnets Ø
Port Forwarding Rules Ø
Security Groups X
Volumes X
Volume Types Ø
Volume Snapshots X


X - Supported feature
Ø - Not supported

Reference Architectures and Hardware

Published ServerTemplates

By RightScale

The following ServerTemplates belong to the infinity release. If you are looking for an exhaustive list of releases, see ServerTemplates.



Known Issues and Limitations

  • Rackspace Private Cloud only supports KVM Hypervisor.

Contact Information

Rackspace Private

  • Corporate website: www.rackspace.com/cloud/private/


  • Sales - For information about your account specifics, contact your account manager or email sales@rightscale.com
  • Support - Report any bugs related to RightScale, please raise a support ticket from the Dashboard or email support@rightscale.com.