Note the following known limitations when using CloudStack with RightScale.

  • Uploading CentOS 5.5+ images to CloudStack 2.2 - There is a known limitation when uploading CentOS 5.5 (or later) images to a CloudStack 2.2 private cloud. The XenServer 5.6 GA hypervisor does not recognize the CentOS 5.5 OS Type and the image will fail to boot. To work around this issue, upload the image with an OS Type of Other PV (64-bit) or CentOS 5.4 (64-bit).
  • Uploading CentOS 5.6 images to CloudStack 3.0 - There is a known limitation when uploading CentOS 5.6 images to a CloudStack 3.0 private cloud. You must set the image to use CentOS 5.5 OS type on CloudStack 3.0.

  • Snapshots not completing past 3 hours - RightScale snapshots hit a hard timeout after 5 minutes. The workaround is to set the timeout to 3 hours. For our ServerTemplates or any snapshot taking longer to run than 5 minutes, try the following steps:

  1. Login into the database
  2. Insert into configuration (category, name,value) VALUES (Storage,backup.snapshot.wait, 10800);"
  • Start/Stop, launch/relaunch - We do not support START/STOP or LAUNCH/RE_LAUNCH of instances outside of the RightScale. This feature is supported ONLY if the start or stop is done from the RightScale Dashboard. If the instance was started outside of RightScale, the userdata will not be generated in which case the instance will be stuck in booting. Workaround: For an instance that was stopped and started outside of RightScale and is already stuck in booting, try to stop/start the instance in the dashboard, this should fix the userdata issue. You might encounter an error while launching and it won't proceed, try clicking launch again at that page. It might just be out of sync data.