Optima uses two primary data sources for helping you manage costs:

  • Bill data - Bill information is collected from your public cloud provider to enable an accurate view of all of your costs across your accounts and services
  • Usage data - Usage data is collected from RightScale Cloud Management to provide additional detail for slicing and dicing costs across many different dimensions

If your organization is a Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), additional steps are needed in order to connect data from your CSP customers to RightScale for the purposes of cost reporting. This page describes how to connect bill data for Azure CSP customers.

To understand how RightScale uses CSP usage information to generate billing data, please contact your Account Manager or .

Learn about the data sources for Optima, how to connect bills for other clouds, and how to connect usage data.


This page walks you through the steps to connect your Azure CSP partner data to RightScale for cost reporting purposes. If you are not part of the Azure CSP program, these instructions are not relevant; instead, see Azure Enterprise Agreement for connecting your Microsoft EA for billing purposes or Register an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) account with RightScale for connecting subscriptions for management purposes.

Create the CSP Web App and Key

  1. Log in to the Microsoft Azure Partner Center and navigate to the Dashboard. Azure Partner Center

  2. Navigate to Account settings on the left, and then App Management.

  3. The RightScale CSP integration uses the Web App on this page. Azure limits each partner tenant to only one web app. If needed, Register a Web App (if you already have one that is active, this is not needed).

  4. Note the Application ID, which will be required in following steps.


  5. Navigate to the Azure Resource Manager portal using the same login and ensure you are in the CSP tenant. Azure Portal

  6. Go to the Azure Active Directory and select App Registrations blade

  7. Find the Web App in the list matching the partner center web app by Application ID and select it.


  8. Select Keys under API Access

  9. Add a new key by filling out the Key Description, select Never expires, and then hit Save. Note: if you would prefer to set an expiration date, that is acceptable as well, but please note that you are responsible for ensuring that a new key is generated and provided to RightScale before the key expires. Failure to do so will result in incorrect data for your customers.

  10. Copy the key Value and save it for submittal to RightScale.


Provide CSP Partner Web App details

Note: the following process is temporary - the below will be built-in to the platform shortly.

Please contact us at with the following information:

  • The CSP tenant name in Azure AD (i.e.
  • The Application ID from step 4 above (guid)

Additionally, we require the Key from step 10. To provide this information, please use one of the secure methods below or another method of your choosing. Do NOT send your Key via email.

We recommend the use of RightScale SecureShare. You can then send us the link to the note along with the password used to encrypt it to

Provide CSP customer subscription information

Note: the following process is temporary - the below will be built-in to the platform shortly.

For each CSP customer that you would like setup in RightScale, please contact us at with the following information (it can be provided in bulk).

  • CSP Customer Tenant ID (guid)
  • CSP Customer Subscription ID(s) (guid)
  • RightScale Master Account ID:


The above information can be gathered in the Partner Center using the steps below:

  1. In the Azure Partner Center dashboard, select Customers and press the drop-down arrow on the right to expose the Microsoft ID -- this is the CSP Customer Tenant ID mentioned above.


  2. Click on View Subscriptions to see the subscriptions for this customer.

  3. For each subscription you want to add to RightScale, press the drop-down arrow on the right of the subscription to expose the Subscription ID.