Optima uses two primary data sources for helping you manage costs:

  • Bill data - Bill information is collected from your public cloud provider to enable an accurate view of all of your costs across your accounts and services. For Azure, this also includes the EA pricesheet, marketplace charges report, and reserved instances report.
  • Usage data - Usage data is collected from RightScale Cloud Management to provide additional detail for slicing and dicing costs across many different dimensions

This page describes how to connect bill data for Azure. Learn about the data sources for Optima, how to connect bills for other clouds, and how to connect usage data.


This page walks you through the steps to connect your Azure Enterprise Agreement to RightScale for cost reporting purposes. If you are part of the Azure CSP program and wish to connect your partner data to RightScale for cost reporting purposes, see Connect Azure CSP to RightScale for Cost Reporting. If you do not have an Azure Enterprise agreement, or want to connect to RightScale for reasons other than cost reporting, please see Add Microsoft Azure (Classic) to a RightScale Account or Register an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) account with RightScale. Please note the user who creates the API Key needs to have the Enterprise Enrollment Admin role assigned to their user before creating the key.


  1. Please ensure that this is done on RightScale master account. Log into and navigate to Settings > Clouds. If you do not have this menu item, that means you do not have administrator permissions on the RightScale account, and therefore cannot connect a new cloud to RightScale. Either ask your RightScale administrator to give you permissions, or if you do not know who your RightScale administrator is, please contact our support team at If you have this menu item, this is what you will see:


  2. Click Connect to a Cloud, and select Microsoft Azure > Connect for costs (Enterprise Agreement):


  3. We require two pieces of information to successfully connect: a.) Your Microsoft Azure enrollment number, and b.) An API key. Start by opening a new tab and navigating to and logging in.


  4. The enrollment number can be found at the top right-hand side of the page, or by clicking on the Manage menu on the left. Copy + Paste this into the RightScale page.


  5. Generate an API key. Go back to the Azure EA portal and click on Reports from the left-hand menu. Then select Download Usage at the top left of the page. Then select API Access Key from the sub menu:


  6. Click on the Key icon to generate the API key. Copy + Paste this key into the RightScale page. Note that this key is quite long, make sure you have selected the entire key, not just the visible part of the key in the Azure EA portal.

  7. Now you have both the enrollment number and the API Key entered into RightScale, click Continue. This will make an initial API call to make sure the keys are correct. If this fails, please make sure you have entered the correct enrollment number and that the entire API key has been put into RightScale (expect up to 720 character in the API key). If you are still not able to connect, please contact


  8. You have now successfully connected your Azure EA to RightScale. Note that it may take up to 24 hours before you can see all your Azure costs in RightScale Optima.