RightScale Cloud Comparison is a tool for comparing public clouds based on the features they offer and which include:

  • Security Certifications
  • Operating Systems
  • Locations
  • Compute Services
  • Network Services
  • Storage Services
  • Application Services
  • Security and Identity
  • Database-as-a-Service offerings

How to Use Cloud Comparison

It is easy to use Cloud Comparison: In the left menu, simply select the requirements for your workload by checking the relevant boxes. As you do so, the number of the selected requirements that are available for each cloud provider will be displayed below the cloud provider logo.

The greater the number, the higher the match rate is for that particular cloud provider based on the requirements that you specified.

To see the specific features that match your requirements, scroll down the page to see the green vertical line to the left of each feature that is available from that cloud provider. If the feature exists for the cloud provider, the name of the feature is listed along with a link to more information on the cloud provider's site.


Once you have used Cloud Comparison to narrow down your options, you have the option to copy a link for sharing the results, in addition to exporting either your selected requirements or all data for offline use. Next, use Scenario Builder to forecast costs by cloud or launch in your preferred cloud from Self-Service or Cloud Management.

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