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Week of 2017-10-16


New Features

  • Optima now supports granular permission on individual billing centers to further enhance collaboration around chargeback/showback within your organization. Users can be restricted to only see certain billing centers by granting them the billing_center_viewer role on those billing centers explicitly.

    Billing center user management


    Add users


Week of 2017-10-09


Changes in Behavior

  • Cloud Analytics is in the process of being rebranded as Optima to align with our holistic cost management and optimization vision. You will see the new name being rolled out across the product as well as our docs site over the coming weeks.

  • Optima now shows AWS account names in addition to the account IDs to make it easy to identify and work with the accounts. In order to see the AWS account names, an additional IAM stanza must be added to the IAM policy for RightScale on your AWS parent account. You can find the complete policy details here.

        "Effect": "Allow",
        "Action": [
        "Resource": "*"



    Billing centers




Cloud Management

New Features

  • Support for image families on Google so that a Multi-Cloud Image can point to the latest of a given image family on GCP instead of a specific version. Use latest images to avoid having the versioned image deprecated out from under your servers.


Week of 2017-09-18

Cloud Appliance for vSphere

RCA-V Adapter v3.0 update

  • Rotate wstunnel logs
  • Increase RCA-V appliance memory to 2G.

Version: vscale_3.0_20170814_17, vscale-admin_3.0_20170921_19

Updating the RCA-V appliance

More information about RCA-V 3.0

Week of 2017-09-11

Cloud Management

New Features

  • Support for Azure Dv3 and Ev3 instance types for launching infrastructure in Cloud Management and Self-Service
  • Support for resizing stopped instances on Azure and Google to match what was already supported in AWS
  • Support for resizing a volume when restoring a snapshot on Google
  • Redesigned account picker that shows accounts sorted by organization, making it easier to locate and organize your accounts in Cloud Management

Cloud Analytics

Changes in Behavior

  • Billing Centers now supports multiple bills from the same provider, allowing you to create billing centers that span cloud bills

Week of 2017-08-28

Cloud Management

New Features

  • Support for deny rules and rule priority for Security Group Rules in Azure Resource Manager, available through the Cloud Management UI, CM API 1.5, and Self-Service CAT files
  • Support for Korea South region in Azure Resource Manager

Changes in Behavior

  • Discovery of the os_platform for custom Windows images on Google Compute Engine
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