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Latest Weekly Changes

Week of 2017-06-12

Cloud Analytics

New Features

  • Introducing new Cloud Analytics Role: You can now grant users access to only Cloud Analytics using the new ca_user role from Governance and Cloud Management Invite flow. The existing billing role has been removed and existing user privileges have been migrated, to this new role, so that no behavior is affected. The Billing Admin-only account setting, in Cloud Management, will no longer work and will be removed very soon.

    Updated Invite Flow




Week of 2017-05-29

Cloud Analytics

New Features

Cloud Appliance for vSphere

New Features

  • Fix update installer, to allow appliance OS (Ubuntu 12.04) to be upgraded with current updates.

Version: vscale_2.0_20170601_10

Cloud Management

New Features

  • Added support for cs1 and st1 volume types in Amazon.

Week of 2017-05-22


Changes in Behavior

  • Introducing new frictionless way to manage users, groups, and accounts in bulk. Governance users can now switch the view to update multiple users, roles, accounts, and groups seamlessly.

    Users Page

    Groups Page

    Accounts Page

Week of 2017-05-15

Cloud Analytics

New Features

  • Added more information to the card view of Billing Centers, showing a breakdown by category of the Billing Centers costs for the current month.


  • It's now easier to identify Billing Center-related reports and alerts with a new Billing Center badge



New Features

  • Plugin CATs can now be more easily identified in the Designer view with a new column that shows the type of each CAT.


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