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Latest Weekly Changes

Week of 2016-05-02

RightLink v10.4.0 Release

New Features

  • Integration with Docker on the instance to detect running containers and images and send that information to RightScale in the form of tags on the instance. Read more about the details and how to enable this feature on our documentation page

Changes in Behavior

  • Bugfix for Enablement scripts (Linux/Windows) to ensure exact IP address matching vs. fuzy matching
  • Bugfix for Windows enablement/disablement script that was causing long execution times
  • Updated RL10 Linux Setup Hostname script to fix an issue where the configured hostname would not persisting a reboot in some cases
  • Updated RL10 Linux Enable Monitoring script to always use latest release of EPEL repo vs. a hard-coded version

For additional detail and documentation on this release, please refer to

Cloud Management

New Features

  • Container Management is now available under Manage. This page shows information about the containers running on your instances, including image and tag information as well as monitoring data. Read the documentation for more information.

    Container Management

  • Added support for the new D15v2 instance type in Azure


Changes in Behavior

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from changing their timezone

Week of 2016-04-25

Cloud Management

Changes in Behavior

  • Fixed a bug where the Network rulemap would sometimes show incorrect information for Openstack clouds

CM API 1.5 Change Log

Modified Resources

  • Permissions
    • Permissions IDs have changed from being a unique numeric ID for the resource to containing a combination of user ID and role title (example: user_id-role_title). See API documentation for details


Changes in Behavior

  • CloudApp Description Change: the description of a CloudApp is no longer populated with the short_description from the CAT. Previously, if a user launched a CloudApp and didn't set a description, the system would copy the short_description from the CAT -- this is no longer the case.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented user time zone settings from being saved
  • Fixed a bug related to selecting days when editing an existing Schedule in Designer
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes show an error growler when deleting a CloudApp

Cloud Appliance for vSphere

RCA-V Adapter v2.0 update

  • Fix a bug where logging of rbvmomi objects in the launch config was causing large memory spikes

Week of 2016-04-18

Cloud Analytics

New Features

  • Chartable modules: If you see a sudden drop or an increase in your cloud costs, you can now really easily find out exactly what caused it. Users are now able to 'flip' each Analyze page module (accounts, deployments, instance types, On-demand vs RI vs spot etc), and see exactly what caused the drop/increase.

    The modules use the same date range that you have selected on the Analyze page, as well as the same granularity selected in the top chart. This makes it very easy to see what caused specific increases and drops. In order to change the module's data from Costs to Instance Count, use that module's sorting order:

    Chartable Modules on Analyze Page

  • Submit support tickets from Cloud Analytics: We have integrated Cloud Analytics and our support system. A user can submit a support ticket directly from the product. In order to see this, click on your user's name on the top right hand corner of the page, and select 'Contact Support'.

    Support modal

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