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Week of 2018-04-23

Cloud Management

New Features

  • Support for C5, M5, and R4 instance types in additional AWS Regions


Changes in Behavior

  • The Allocation Rules in Billing Centers now lazy loads the account names in order to improve performance for customers with large numbers of accounts. This means that you will see the rules show up more quickly, but initially with only the account ID for all cloud accounts. The account names are loaded in the background and appear when ready. When creating an account-based allocation rule, the names must be fully loaded for the account selector to show the available accounts.

Week of 2018-04-02


New Feature

  • Introducing a new dedicated role (credential_viewer) for view-only permissions on RightScale's Credentials feature. You no longer have to grant admin role to view credentials. The credential_viewer role can be assigned to users at an organization level (all accounts), as well as to individual accounts, like other Governance roles.



Changes in Behavior

Cloud Management

Changes in Behavior

API 1.5

  • By default, the VolumeAttachments.create call in the API behaves synchronously, blocking until the volume is attached. An api_behavior=async attribute was added to the VolumeAttachments create call, allowing you to make the call and then poll for status.
  • Added skip_deletion='true' to Backups cleanup. The cleanup action will return a list of backups that can be removed without removing them.
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