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Latest Weekly Changes

Week of 2016-05-23

ServiceNow Integration

Release Details

New features

  • Support for Geneva
  • Support for Instances as a first class CI record
  • Support for ServerArrays as a first class CI record
  • Ability to change the refresh token for a given account
  • Add the ability to force an update of a given resource type

Changes in Behavior

  • Make it possible to use Always On schedule for Self-Service CloudApps
  • Improved error logging
  • Use encryption for credential storage
  • Updating instances now correctly updates all instances, not just those in deployments
  • Fixed an issue where deleted resources would sometimes not be removed in SN

Version: 1.1.11

Cloud Appliance for vSphere

RCA-V Adapter v2.0 update

  • Change error to warning when the instance type cannot be calculated immediately after launching a VM. Some environments are slow to show the required attributes to calculate what instance type is being used.

Version: vscale_2.0_20160523_21

Week of 2016-05-16

Cloud Analytics

New Features

New extended menu: We have extended the menu options in Cloud Analytics so that you can easily access the Full Instance details, the Reserved Instance details and the Utilization report:

New extended menu in CA

Week of 2016-05-09

Cloud Management

New Features

  • Change to the way instance names are set in GCE and Azure. With this release, the name of the Server/Array in RightScale is used as the instance name in those clouds, after it's been sanitized per cloud limitations. By default, a unique ID is still appended to ensure uniqueness on the cloud, but this can be disabled using an account setting by going to Account -> Preferences.
  • Added support to choose the root volume type for GCE instances. Use any supported volume type via the UI, API, and CAT files.
  • Added support for I2 instance types in AWS-Beijing.

Week of 2016-05-02

RightLink v10.4.0 Release

New Features

  • Integration with Docker on the instance to detect running containers and images and send that information to RightScale in the form of tags on the instance. Read more about the details and how to enable this feature on our documentation page

Changes in Behavior

  • Bugfix for Enablement scripts (Linux/Windows) to ensure exact IP address matching vs. fuzzy matching
  • Bugfix for Windows enablement/disablement script that was causing long execution times
  • Updated RL10 Linux Setup Hostname script to fix an issue where the configured hostname would not persisting a reboot in some cases
  • Updated RL10 Linux Enable Monitoring script to always use latest release of EPEL repo vs. a hard-coded version

For additional detail and documentation on this release, please refer to

Cloud Management

New Features

  • Container Management is now available under Manage. This page shows information about the containers running on your instances, including image and tag information as well as monitoring data. Read the documentation for more information.

    Container Management

  • Added support for the new D15v2 instance type in Azure


Changes in Behavior

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from changing their timezone
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