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Week of 2018-03-12

Cloud Management

Changes in Behavior

  • A new account preference has been added which, when enabled, uses the user-specified volume name as the name of the volume in Google Cloud Platform. If left disabled, the default, RightScale uses a unique string for the volume name in Google to prevent clashes. This setting can be enabled per-account by any user with the admin role by going to Settings -> Account Settings -> Preferences and enabling the Unique Google Volume Names setting.


Week of 2018-02-26


Bug fixes

  • Issue with accessing recommendations within billing centers by users with billing_center_viewer role, on individual billing centers, is now resolved.

Week of 2018-02-12

Cloud Management

New Features

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RightScale performs regularly scheduled weekly no-downtime releases of the Cloud Management and Self-Service products every Wednesday afternoon (PDT). Optima no-downtime releases occur every Thursday morning (PDT).

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