When attempting to launch an instance in the RackSpace cloud using an image provided by RightScale, it results in a 404 error.


RackSpace managed accounts are supported by RightScale at the present time, however, if you received this error, you may have accidentally added the RackSpace Cloud to your RightScale account without RackSpace Managed credentials. If you attempt to launch instances in a managed account you will receive error messages that we are unable to find the image in question. To verify that this is the issue, navigate to Settings > Account > Clouds and click on the link for your RackSpace cloud. From here go to the Errors tab and you should see 404 errors every time you attempt to launch an image. The error will look something like the following:

404: itemNotFound: Not Found Not Found

If you have a core cloud account, we should be able to launch images properly. If you have any questions about which type of account you have, or you are not sure if failure to launch an image is due to this issue, please contact with any questions or concerns that you may have.