When I add or use a RackSpace Open Cloud account within RightScale, how do I know which RackSpace Open Cloud regions are supported?


Currently, the following RackSpace Open Cloud regions are supported by RightScale:

  • ORD (Chicago)
  • DFW (Dallas)
  • London (UK)
  • Sydney

Additionally, it's important to note that RackSpace's Rackconnect can only be used from a dedicated RackSpace account within a certain region along with cloud servers from the same public region. For example, your dedicated RackSpace account with servers in DFW should only be Rackconnected with cloud servers from the public DFW cloud region.

Finally, RightScale does not yet offer support for certain RackSpace Open Cloud services, such as Cloud Load Balancers (CLB) or Cloud Databases (CDB). We do, however, have several ServerTemplates, RightScripts and Chef recipes that can integrate with and utilize these services. These resources will need to be created or managed directly from the RackSpace web console or API.