What other RackSpace Open Cloud terminology should I be aware of?


The following terms are used for many RackSpace offerings or services:

  • RackSpace Core - This is the standard public cloud offering, including Cloud Servers, Cloud Storage, Cloud Block Storage and many other services (CLB etc.)
  • Rackconnect - Rackconnect is a service offered by RacksSpace that allows your dedicated RackSpace hosted servers to directly connect to your public RackSpace cloud servers in an efficient manner, providing a hybrid cloud/dedicated environment from RackSpace.
  • RackSpace Managed - RacksSpace provides direct support for 'managed' accounts, including additional monitoring of cloud servers, additional backup/restore services and proactive support.

Other terms for RackSpace Open Cloud or First Generation/Legacy and their AWS equivalent are referenced here:

Cloud Service RackSpace Open Cloud Service AWS Service
Compute Cloud Servers EC2 Instances
Object Storage Cloud Files S3
Block Storage Cloud Block Storage EBS
Networking Cloud Networks VPC
Load Balancing Cloud Load Balancers (CLB) Elastic Load Balancers (ELB)
On-premise Connectivity Rackconnect Direct Connect
Database Service Cloud Databases (CDB) RDS
Monitoring Cloud Monitoring CloudWatch