How much support does RightScale offer for Rackconnect and Rackspace Managed accounts?


RightScale provides the following support for Rackconnect and Rackspace Managed accounts:

  • RackConnect support is built in to every Servertemplate, starting with our v13.3 Infinity revision released on March 6, 2013.
  • RackConnect is supported for Windows, CentOS and Ubuntu operating systems only.
  • Much like the Rackspace legacy cloud, RightScale maintains full support for Rackspace Open Cloud managed accounts. We would turn off RAX managed scripts. So from a customer's point of view, they will not see any noticeable impact to the offering, albeit, RAX management scripts will not start. This will have no material impact on how RightScale functionality works with RAX.

There are certain precautions that RightScale takes to ensure compatibility with both Rackconnected cloud servers as well as Rackspace Managed accounts. In particular, Rackspace utilizes startup scripts on each cloud server to enable and configure Rackconnect as well as additional monitoring or alerting for Rackspace's support team, however these can possibly conflict with the installation of RightScale's RightLink agent. Thus, when working with Rackconnected servers or Rackspace Managed accounts, we must orchestrate our efforst with Rackspace to ensure that these scripts and packages are not interfering with each other at boot time.