Register a public cloud account with RightScale so that you can use the Dashboard to manage your cloud resources.


  • If you do not have an account for the cloud you would like to add, you must sign-up and create an account on their end since you will need those credentials before you can complete this tutorial.
  • In order to add a cloud account, you must be an 'admin' user of the RightScale account.
  • An existing RightScale account that you want to enable to manage your cloud resources.

Add the Public Cloud to your Account

  • After logging into the Dashboard, go to Settings > Account Settings > Clouds tab. Click the Connect to a Cloud button.
  • Select the Cloud that you want to connect to.
  • Next, enter your necessary cloud credentials.
  • Once your cloud credentials have been verified, you will see that the cloud is enabled under the Clouds tab. You will now see all of your resources for that specific cloud under the Clouds menu.

Check the cloud status

Both of these items must be valid and active (green) in order to successfully launch cloud servers.

  • cloud controller - The status of the cloud
  • cloud account - The status of your cloud credentials