Costs on the Dashboard

Cloud Analytics uses several methods to show you costs on the Dashboard:

Provider Source
AWS Hourly Cost and Usage CSV Reports
CloudWatch data * legacy - not recommended
Azure Azure Enterprise Agreement
Google Billing CSVs Includes Google Committed Usage Discounts
Other Cloud Data based on instances only

Costs on the Instance Analyzer page

The Instance Analyzer pages displays Instances only costs based on usage data collected by RightScale multiplied by the relevant cloud prices with any markups or markdowns that you have specified. This is an estimate of instance costs that allows you to slice and dice by a variety of factors beyond what is available in your cloud bill. Azure and Google's Analyze page costs are calculated by blending the compute costs over the instance usage.

Excluded costs in AWS on Instance Analyzer page

  • EBS costs: compute costs on your AWS bill include EBS charges as well as Instance costs. EBS costs may represent a significant portion of your AWS Compute costs. The Instance Analyzer pages only include instance costs and do not include EBS costs.
  • Upfront costs for Reserved Instances: if you have purchased Reserved Instances, any portion that is Upfront payments are not included in Instances only costs. As a result, for “All Upfront” Reserved Instances, you will not see any costs in Instance Analyzer page but you will see the number of instances.
  • Reserved Instances from accounts not linked to RightScale: if you have unused Reserved Instances in an AWS account, AWS will allocate those Reserved Instances to any linked AWS accounts that have instances matching the Reserved Instances characteristics . Your entire AWS account family, including the payer account and linked accounts, must be connected to a RightScale account in order to get accurate information about all Reserved Instances.
  • Premium operating systems (RHEL, SLES, Windows SQL)
  • Dedicated instances
  • Usage in AWS regions not supported by RightScale: See full list of Supported Amazon Regions

Costs in Azure and Google on Instance Analyzer page

  • RightScale uses the cost for compute on the cloud bill and allocates it to each individual instances based on the elapsed time it is used for. Google Sustained Usage Discounts savings and Committed Usage Discounts will be allocated.

Costs in SoftLayer and private clouds on Instance Analyzer page

  • Costs based on usage data are collected by RightScale and multiplied by the relevant cloud prices with any markups or markdowns that you have specified.