Billing Centers provide a method to allocate costs into certain groups, or cost centers, which can then be analyzed, reported, and alerted on. Users can create any number of Billing Centers, each one spanning across various cloud vendors and accounts. The aggregate costs are then rolled up into the associated Billing Center.

What are Billing Centers?

A Billing Center is a collection of cloud bill line items sourced from cloud bills that are connected to a given Organization in RightScale. These line items are associated to a Billing Center utilizing Allocation Rules that are centered around Cloud Accounts and/or Cloud Tags. Billing Centers should be logically organized by Cost Center, Department, Project, etc. to separate cloud costs for costs analysis, showback, and/or chargeback.

Billing Centers within a given organization are universal and can be viewed/updated by any user within the organization with the appropriate access. Cloud Accounts can only be added to a single Billing Center. In cases where a Cloud Accounts are part of multiple Allocation Rules, the Cloud Account will be assigned to the proper Billing Center using the Allocation Rules hierarchy. Cloud Accounts that do not match any existing Allocation rules will automatically be added to the default Unallocated Billing Center.

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